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Oh, what do I know about Drive TFC?


Drive TFC is a Washington, DC-based, 5-member band whose music runs the gamut from dark to playful, energetic to moody. It is a modern, alt-rock outfit that encompasses timeless styles and sounds. Each member of Drive TFC emerged from a distinctly different musical background than the others; thus, their collaboration produces genre-bending music that is unanticipated and refreshing, with a style that appeals to a wide variety of tastes.


Vocals, backing synth, rhythm guitar / Sara E. Murphy

Guitar, keys, vocals / J. Alexandre Jeanty

Bass, backing vocals / Jamie Darken

Flute, keys, backing vocals / Amber Walson

Percussion / Winston Johnson



Weema Dam

by Drive TFC

Kids love it. Parents agree.

Drive TFC.

Get your very own copy of Weema Dam.

Check out our videos, of both our music and our general shenanigans. Grin.

Drive TFC performing our original song, St. Fusem's Pyre, for NPR's 2017 Tiny Desk Contest

January 2017 Shenanigans

St. Fusem's Pyre, performed on Halloween 2016 at DC9 nightclub in Washington, DC. Copyright 2016, Drive TFC. Guitarist's costume custom made by Cheryl A. Lofton @LoftonSalonDC.

News & Updates

Thanks to JR at Cloture Club for his fabulous review of our new album, Weema Dam! "These are not songs of flip cup, parties, love lost, and kitsch memes lost in a sea of telephone pixels- this is poetry in motion; poetry with a manual transmission." Well, shucks. We're blushing.